Comedy Cornea-An interview with comedian Mark Olver

Will and I were going to interview Bristolian comedian Mark Olver(, the compere for Wednesday’s comedy evening but there wasn’t time. Instead he kindly agreed to email us responses to our planned questions later. As such this ‘interview’ is quite short, but on the plus side Mark did have more time to plan his answers.

Starting off simple, how did you get in to comedy?

I got into comedy because I loved stand up. I found some open mic clubs in the
Bristol area, discovered I liked it and wasnt too rubbish at it. And then slowly
you get more gigs and money and then it becomes a job.
Are you glad that you decided to go into comedy? Would you have done anything different?
I had real jobs before comedy, but this never feels like work. I do a lot of tv warm up, and enjoy every day.

What would you suggest young, would-be comics do to get into the scene themselves (if you don’t mind helping the competition)?
I think the best advice to new comedians is to just gig. Lots. As often as you can. And do it because you love comedy. That is really the only reason to do it.

Who are your favourite (or least favourite) comics?
My favourite comedian is Daniel Kitson. He is the best.

Visit the Travestees website ( for more information about the monthly Glastonbury Comedy Club.


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