The Battle Against Selling Humans

“Trafficking in human beings is a severe violation of the most basic human right – individual freedom – and a horrific crime. It cannot be tolerated in any form, be it in Europe or anywhere else in the world. It implies an obligation, moral as well as legal, to act.”
The European Anti-Trafficking day saw a very high level conference held in Brussels with members of EU countries representatives present, it has now been openly admitted that the problem is growing and becoming out of control. The general consensus was a lot more needs to be done to stop the crime and now.The conference saw the EU ready to toughen up on Traffickers and protect the victims of the terrible crime, new legislation is due to be introduced in April 2013 and the conference saw Celia Mastrom urge the whole of the group to implement this as fast and effectively as possible: “The deadline is less than six months away, 6 April 2013. Today I therefore call on all EU Member States to transpose the Directive, on time, and making sure that all elements, including mechanisms for early identification and protection of victims, are in place.”

The UK has seen a massive rise in the number of Trafficking victims entering the country in the last two years, the number estimated to have risen to over 900 recorded victims in the country in 2012. The country recorded over 234 children involved in the crime last year.
So why has Cameron decided to cut the Scotland Yard anti-trafficking unit? The proposed cuts saw the public’s outrage displayed by members of social networking’s sites. Twitter tempted tirades of angry protesters questioning Cameron’s call.
It is unsurprising that Cameron has faced serious criticisms at this, less than a year ago he promised to make the UK ”a world leader” in the battle to end trafficking. But, removing crucial members of staff from the ”flagship” unit will make it unable to function as before. This is a dramatic waver from his earlier pledge, even when it has been admitted trafficking in the UK is rising considerably. With only 85 victims being rescued last year, 60 of which were by voluntary organisations the cuts really do seem to be coming at the wrong time.
The sources all agree, trafficking is increasing in the UK. A crime that deprives children as young as seven years old of their basic human rights and sees them repeatedly raped, beaten and forced into labour really is a crime that deserves the full attention of the government. The awareness of the public is rising but the fight for justice is not aided by a cut to one of the biggest anti-trafficking units in the UK.

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