Stand Up, Speak Up

On the 20th October, I was lucky enough to witness history in the making at a ‘Future that Works’ march in London. I was united with over a hundred thousand people that shared a common aim in resonating to the government our disgust and discontent with their current economic policies.

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Stomping my way from Victoria Embankment to Hyde Park, I met a range of participators expanding all age ranges. I thought of ‘One World Week’ and how unification comes not from race, country or colour but from sharing a common goal, thought, or an idea. Speaking to Alex from Bridgwater Trades Union Council, I was encouraged to hear that people recognized the importance of this unification. Discussing the topic Alex mentioned, ‘such a massive demonstration like this will hopefully give a lot of other people hope that things can change. We have to demand that they do by getting up and making it happen, because sitting back and complaining about it is just as wrong as what is being forced upon us.’

‘Life is one big road with lots of signs. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake up and live!’ – Bob Marley

I have always thought Bob Marley was a legend not only because of his music but because of his philosophy in not accepting reality as the complete certainty of life. Reality is changeable, therefore we can ‘put our vision’ into life and not succumb to the higher powers that might be repressing us. Although when he refers to ‘signs’ it is in a more conceptual light, the many placards I saw that day showed a physical act of displaying a protest against conventional realities. People were using their voice, and not just in a raucous, uncivilized manner but in a witty, humorous fashion. It being the 21st century, Britons have had good experience at protesting therefore we know what will be most effective. I just hope we are still a true democracy and the government will listen to the people’s pleas. If anything, the spirit of the marchers that seem to burn so strongly inside, give me hope that we will always, in the words of Bob, ‘stand up for our rights.’


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