Malala Yousfzai for Nobel Peace Prize

“The public revulsion and condemnation of this cowardly attack shows that the people of Pakistan will not be beaten by terrorists. The UK stands shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan in its fight against terrorism.” – The Foreign Secretary, William Hague, Yousfzai: Now made hugely famous by the people who wanted to silence her, sort of the opposite effect the Kony appeal had on the world. Malala deserves to be heard, Kony did not.

The girl whose bravery outshines millions was shot on her way home on a bus with school friends. The shooter shouted for Malala and named her to be ‘’propagating against the soldiers of Allah, the Taliban’’ and said ‘’She must be punished’’ The outspoken fourteen year old had been writing a diary in a blog format for BBC Urdu and was shot by the Taliban assassin after being recognized, two of her friends were also injured in the attack.

After the attempted assassination of the young activist the government of Pakistan will continue to subsidize all the relevant costs for the treatment of the fourteen year old in British intensive care, Birmingham. Yousafzai lived in the Swat Valley, Pakistan; this was previously under the direct jurisdiction of the Taliban but was retaken by the Pakistani Government in 2009. However, the attack has left a feeling of fear within the community as to if the take over ever did indeed end the terror. The tragic attempt on Malala’s life has sparked uproar throughout the whole world, especially within the Muslim community and if anything good can come of this her campaign will be continued indefinitely with renewed vigor.

The Pakistani government has stated their revulsion at the attack on Malala’s life, the president informed the world that “only those, who are against progress and development of the peoples on both sides of the Durand line (the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan), could perpetrate such a crime.”

The teenager began her diary aged eleven which reported her opinions on the actions of the Taliban and how this both had affected and prevented the education of women. She tirelessly campaigned with the help of her equally minded father to regain her education, dreaming ‘’of a country where education would prevail.’’ In 2011 Malala was nominated for the Children’s Peace Prize, with her profile growing in the fight against the Taliban so did their hate of her and eventually provoked the shocking assassination attempt that has been described as ‘inevitable.’

The Taliban named her as a ‘’spy of the west’’ criticizing Yousafazi’s support of the ‘’number one enemy’’ – Barack Obama. The group have said that ‘’she was against Islam and Sharia’’ and added that “anyone preaching a similar path will also be targeted’’ Further threats depicted ‘’that if Malala recovered she would not be spared.’’ The last statement of the Taliban says ‘Malala deserved to die.’

The Taliban have in fact facilitated a huge growth in the world’s disgust at their warped views and the recognition of a girl whose age wouldn’t even have her sitting GCSE’s, but, whose bravery surpasses most people triple her age. Malala Yousafzai is thought to be a strong contender for a Nobel Peace Prize and her campaign will continue stronger than it was before, if anything, the attack has reiterated the importance of continuing her fight and assuring further atrocities like this don’t occur again.


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