Fifty Shades of Grey: Fathoming the Phenomenon

No longer is it Edward Cullen or Harry Potter that is sweeping girls off of their feet, but Mr Grey with his firm hand has now penetrated the literature market and soon will take an undoubtedly high position in the film charts. What is it about this character that has women ‘doing salsa dances in their heads though’? It is certainly unheard of in my opinion for the man of your dreams to carefully calculate exactly how many carrots your going to eat a day as well as how long you’re going to spend on the running machine (oh and the continuous reminder that you are not romantically but only rampantly attached) But, something has made fifty shades of grey the fastest selling novel ever.

I decided to struggle through the book to gain a more informed idea of the story and try and fathom the phenomenon of which it has become.

Amongst, many repeated words, much whining and myriads of terrible sex scenes I was still unable to work it out. The story just seems plainly unbelievable. Being a teenage girl, with many teenage girl friends I don’t know any of whom would have the reaction ‘hey, come spank me’ after being presented with a sprawling contract centred around a submissive and non-romantic relationship’ furthermore, the girl in question ‘doesn’t own a laptop’ and is a virgin. Yet, E L James seems to have convinced millions of teenage girls that have never picked up a book before as well as those who have that 400 pages of a story based purely around this contract is worth the read.

Following this, it is very difficult to believe it is the story line that has made fifty shades of grey the fastest selling novel ever, with 40 million copies so far sold worldwide and a blockbuster film scheduled and in production. There must be something else that has made it the sensation which it has indefinitely become.

Could it be the lonely women without laptops? Or just another casualty that’s gone viral and consequently everyone feel’s like they should love?

Women are constantly bombarded with feel good tips and how to become good in bed, but, if this is what E L James was going for then her how to guide should have been scrapped at ‘’’Suck me baby.’’ His thumb presses on my tongue and my mouth closes around him. Holy f**k. This is wrong but Holy hell is it erotic’’ this is not erotica or empowering women this is just bad literature. Yes, you did just read holy f**k and holy hell in the same phrase, and if you want to see more insults to literature then every page of this book will probably be of interest to you. Just look at each page of the book and you should find examples around the per page description of Ana’s daily outfit (it never changes) or around the description of the colour of Mr. Grey’s eyes, yes they are grey, and, penetrating I might add. How ironic that Ana has just completed a literature degree…

So if it’s not empowering women or turning them on (‘’I had no idea giving pleasure could be such a turn on, watching him writhe subtly with carnal longing. My inner goddess is doing the meringue with some salsa moves’’ ( – This is not supposed to be a Gillette advert this is supposed to be the fastest selling piece of literature ever!) then what the ‘holy hell’ is selling it to them? My take, just another depressing piece of trash that has been thrown into the public eye and led millions of readers to being subjected to a terrible book and then having to endlessly quote it on their twitter accounts all the while trying to fit in.

Not only should fifty shades of grey have a rating on it, it should be pushed to the back of the shelves and never picked up again.


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