Flippin Flu… by Molly Proud

Autumn, winter’s coming

So you better rap up warm

‘cos everyone you know

Predicts the virus swarm

You really aren’t that worried

‘cos you’re certain you’re immune

You’ve already caught it once this year

Your body’s well in tune

You know that scarf looks stupid

And who cares if there’s snow?

You’re warm enough in tee-shirts

When the winds start to blow

Now your head is feeling fuzzy

And your nose is running fast

Yet you still don’t want to face

That good health is in the past

Your skin is red and puffy

And you’re feeling boiling hot

mum keeps telling you you’re ill

But surely you are not?

Your throat has started tickling

Oh no, it can’t be true!

You better just accept it and

Ah, ah, AH, CHOO!

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