Review. Miles Kane. Bristol 02 Academy-27th April.

In the crowd anticipation for Miles Kane to step on stage grows, can’t help noticing all The Pretty Green rascals, (lager tossing lads). After support from Eugene McGuinness, Football chants soon started and you could just tell this place was gonna go off. 

Miles Kane Bristol 02 Academy 27th April
Miles ‘Kaning it’

Miles walked on smoothly, well dressed as always, just like Weller then thundered straight into Rearange. Really having it as always Kane delivers. Playing through his debut album, slower tracks such as “Happenstance” and “Take the Night From Me” slotted in really well in between the bouncy anthems allowing a catch of breath.

Miles filled the setlist with some newer songs such as “First of my Kind” which went down remarkably well. Mr Kane also included his translated version of Jaques Dutronc’s The Responsible. which was executed perfectly. Along with the Tom Jones cover “Looking Out My Window”

Never the less, Miles certainly kaned it, A truly fantastic, energetic gig. Can’t wait for another solid album, I have got a feeling Miles won’t be playing smaller venues for much longer.

Rhys B.



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